ultraligero mexico Volanddo por chapala

http://ultraligerosmexico.com volando por lago de chapala

ultraligero mexico
volando chapala
ultraligeros aviones
ultraligero avion
volando por chapala
chapala lake

6 Replies to “Chapala”

  1. HavnPhun says:

    Very Nice!…Greetings from Mobile, Alabama USA!!!

  2. ultraligerosmexico says:

    Hello there i hope you enjoy the video

  3. ferdysbazar says:

    Hi, ultraligerosmexico! A very nice video, that has been giving me the opportunity to fly once again together with you… Heartly greatings and congratulation from Germany, Ferdinand

  4. marketinguru2012 says:

    WOW thanks suscribe to the chanel i will updating new flight comming up


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