Bullet POV en Selva Mágica HD

Vídeo de la vuelta inaugural de The Bullet en Selva Mágica Guadalajara.

9 Replies to “Selva Mágica”

  1. Orlando Garcia Sandoval says:

    Esta Super Genial! :3 Impactante
    Espero Ir Algun Dia

  2. Andres Zamora says:

    Se ve muy buena!!, pero creo que el tren debería llegar hasta la parte
    superior del track!, una vez vi un video de este mismo juego dónde si hacia
    esta función..en fin..se ve excelente :D

  3. Zhiibe Colorai says:

    Sencillamente es espectacular! la sensacion no se compara ;D

  4. franciscobmx:B says:

    yo fui unos de los primero afortunados en subir :’)

  5. robbalvey says:

    Great to see this ride back up and running! It’s unfortunate that whoever
    shot this POV chose to put their hands in front of the camera instead of
    holding on to the GoPro to create better footage. But still nice to see it
    has been re-built!

  6. pierreuk says:

    However I do agree that it is fantastic to see this ride up and running

  7. Themeparkfanatic says:

    I’m really glad to see this coaster operating once again. I remember it
    when it was the Weiner Looping at Circus World/Boardwalk & Baseball near
    Haines City, FL. 

  8. Full Entertainment says:

    Para grabar a quien le pides permiso, tengo esa duda, o tu lo haces solo


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